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Why Massage?

Massage has been around for thousands of years and is a proven, effective holistic therapy. Massage can be used to address specific issues or to keep soft tissue healthy enabling your horse to be comfortable and supple, whatever their age and lifestyle. Massage therapy benefits the whole body including the circulatory and lymphatic systems, hence it being a holistic therapy.


Soft Tissue/Joints

  • Helps to relieve soreness and tension within muscles

  • Improves muscle tone and range of movement

  • Improves synovial fluid, thereby reducing inflammation and swelling in joints

  • Keeps muscle tissue supple thereby reducing risk of injury

Circulatory and Lymphatic System

  • Increases blood circulation bringing nutrients and oxygen to muscle tissue enabling healing and repair.

  • Increases lymph circulation improving the ability of the lymphatic system to carry excess fluid from tissues, thereby preventing swelling and inflammation.

  • Detoxifies tissues through carrying waste products from tissues into the lymphatic system to   support the body's immune system.


  • Releasing both mental and physical tension brings about positive psychological benefits. Horses are masters of hiding pain and tension and develop compensatory postural or behavioural habits as a result. Allowing them the time and space to let go brings about deep relaxation and improved wellbeing. 

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